On Tuesday, 21st March the children of Primary/Prep went to a talk given by Lucy Worsley in the Emmanuel Church in West Hampstead. Lucy Worsley is an English historian, author, curator and television presenter. She has written a fictional account for children, of how life may have been for the young Princess Victoria when she was being brought up in relative isolation in Kensington Palace and was speaking to the children about her story.

There were many schools at the talk and as we arrived early, we got good seats. The talk was child-friendly and some parts of the story were acted out. After the book presentation, the children took part in a little quiz and had the opportunity to ask questions.

As Primary/Prep covered the history of England last term and also learnt about Queen Victoria this book presentation was a nice way of diving further into this topic and it was great to see that Primary/Prep was able to answer many questions.

It was a short but interesting trip, we all had a lot of fun!

Miss Naveed + Miss Sylvia


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