This term, the children of Primary/Preparatory will be learning to develop their skills in creative writing. We will be working on story structure and planning as well as using different tools to develop, narrative and dialogue. The children will learn how characters can be created and crafted and why some have a more important role than others. They will learn about the build-up in a story, the problem and the resolution which forms the conclusion.

We will look at writings of different authors and the methods they have used. We will also work at turning stories into scripts. To help the children’s writing skills, we will be doing weekly work on sentence structure, paragraphs and punctuation. The children will be doing further work on grammar by learning to classify the different parts of speech.

In culture (science, geography and history) we are excited about learning about the universe and how life started on planet Earth in more detail. The children following the celebration of Chinese New Year will study Asia in more detail focusing on China and comparing the geographical features to the ones of the United Kingdom. There will be a lot of focus on science this term, not only will we have a special science week at the end of term, but also lots of science and science experiments will take place throughout the term. Topics such as gravity, three states of matter as well as properties and changes of materials.

In the first couple of weeks of this term we have completed our science project from last term on light & shadow trying out a few experiments and it has been great seeing the children’s excitement. This week we heard the first great Montessori story which included experiments looking at differences between solids, liquids and gases as well as the volcano experiment which is always a favourite with the children!

Also this term every Tuesday morning Primary/Prep enjoy sports with Miss Sylvia and on Thursday morning Yoga with Miss Chris to extend our sports curriculum.The children also continue their P.E lesson with Mr Sam on Wednesday afternoon.

We are looking forward to an exciting, busy term with lots of learning and fun!

Miss Sylvia + Miss Naveed

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