Dear Primary and Preparatory Parents/Carers,
Lately in the Computing (ICT) lessons for the Primary children and in the lessons for the Preparatory children we have enjoyed interesting lessons about safety online/e-safety.
I was able to observe the children's awareness of what can be risky when it comes to internet use and sharing personal data and that it can be dangerous speaking with strangers online. Please talk to your children at home about e-safety as well as this is such an important topic and of course we all want our children to be safe.
During lessons about networks the children were very keen to find out how networks actually work and how it is possible that we can see friends and/or relatives on a computer screen despite often huge local distances. We discovered what WAN MAN LAN networks, routers, switches and WiFi cards are and looked at them in more detail. 
After moving from Paint to Word 2016 the children were a little bit disappointed as looking at word processor didn't seem to be as much fun as previous topics. Then they discovered that Word offers things like inserting pictures, playing with colours, changing fonts and adding special effects, the smiles on the children's faces returned and the lessons about Word 2016 started to be fun.
I am looking forward to the second half of the Autumn Term!
Kind regards,
Mr Rafal
Computing/ICT teacher of Primary and Preparatory
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