The children of Primary kick started their project by learning about how early humans first communicated. 

Through a variety of games we explored the senses to enable us to think about how limited communication was for our earliest ancestors. This included acts of mime, a ‘draw on each others back’ version of Chinese whispers and cave paintings. The children will continue to integrate skills in art to explore traditional cave paintings. We will learn about how the Sumerians used pictograms to communicate their thoughts ad particularly as a method of recording what they had traded. Writing systems slowly over time improved as pictograms developed into the system of cuneiform. The Egyptians adapted the idea of pictograms through the more aesthetically pleasing hieroglyphics. We will look at the hieroglyphic alphabet as well as beginning their own cartouche crafts where they will learn their own names.


Everyone is really enjoying The Firework Maker's Daughter by Phillip Pullman. This is an excellent opportunity for group reading exercises as well as a variety of other cross curricular learning (particularly in literacy.) This short story is providing us with many exciting lesson opportunities including the gathering of ideas for our end of term show! 

We have a new addition to our morning cycle which involves daily use of our learning journals. Learning journals are for each student to reflect with the teacher how they are going about their learning. We have a weekly time tables which provides the child with a guide as to what work they should do on a particular day. This involves more direction in language and maths in particular. We've observed the children to be quite determined to colour in all the subjects from their morning cycle, showing pride in their work and getting as much work as they are capable of getting done. The success of last term's timed snack sessions are continuing with our helper of the day always ensuring the snack groups are fair.
I look forward to continuing more lessons in topics such as scientists and discoveries, communication, PSHE, art and drama.

Miss Marie and Miss Elena
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