On Monday, 5th June the children of Primary/Preparatory attended a very interesting workshop on their trip to the British Library.

The workshop was about what could be found in the British Library and what makes this library different to other ones. We looked at different ways of researching, coming up with good questions and by answering these questions finding out more about an object/book on display in the library. Many children were very excited when they saw a page of the original Magna Carta, others were more interested in looking at original music paper and notes written by The Beatles. 

A highlight for all of us was having the opportunity to have a peak into King George III library, which is a big collection of books by this king which was later donated by George IV to the country and then ended up in the British Library.

We were lucky to see through the glass inside as an employee who saw us kindly moved the shelves so we could see inside. It was amazing to see all the old special books, many of them beautifully decorated.

Miss Sylvia

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