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22 Jun 2018
Comments Off on Preparatory: Dissecting Flowers

Preparatory: Dissecting...

Last week as part of their botany this term the preparatory children dissected lilies. Using a knife and a chopping board, the children discovered each part of the plant, »

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22 Jun 2018
Comments Off on Primary & Preparatory: Cooking with Miss Hiroe

Primary & Preparatory...

As a special gift for Father’s Day, Ms. Hiroe guided all the Primary and Preparatory children in a biscotti making cooking class! The children helped with zesting lemons »

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22 Jun 2018
Comments Off on Primary: Planting Seeds in the Garden

Primary: Planting Seeds in...

Last week the children of Primary enjoyed planting seeds in the garden. All the children planted watercress in a little pot that they looked after throughout the week. This »

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21 Jun 2018
Comments Off on Junior School Sports Day!

Junior School Sports Day!

Dear Parents,We had lots of fun at the sports day on Wednesday, 20th June and enjoyed all the different races such as the 'sack' race, 'egg and spoon' race, 'balance a beanbag' »

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15 Jun 2018
Comments Off on Junior School: World Environment Week

Junior School: World...

World Environment WeekLast week (4th - 8th June) the Junior School celebrated World Environment Week which ended in a lovely assembly with each class presenting what they »

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11 Jun 2018
Comments Off on E1 & E2: Trip to Kew Gardens

E1 & E2: Trip to Kew...

 Elementary 1 and Elementary 2 went on a very exciting and informative trip to KEW Gardens. We took the Overground train and it was great to see our children behaving so »

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5 Jun 2018
Comments Off on Preparatory: PGL Summer Trip!

Preparatory: PGL Summer...

 Dear Parents,On Wednesday 2nd May 2018 all of Preparatory class, along with Miss Sylvia and Miss Emilia, traveled down to PGL Windmill Hill in East Sussex for our annual »

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4 Jun 2018
Comments Off on JS: Royal Tea Party

JS: Royal Tea Party

On Friday 18th May 2018, we were all cordially invited to a royal tea party in our garden to celebrate the marriage of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle! Elementary 1 and 2 »

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11 May 2018
Comments Off on Preparatory: Beginning of Summer Term 2018

Preparatory: Beginning of...

The children have been busy. We have started our work on the History of London. Before going on the PGL trip they learnt about how the Roman invasion in AD43 led to the establishment »

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