Dear Parents,
The children have had a wonderful productive week!
They have spent their mornings working with the Language materials - exploring first sounds and end sounds with the Moveable Alphabet and the Farm Game, as well as playing the ‘I spy’ game and rhyming games. The children have also been revising the Bank Game, exploring the Number Rods, the Short Bead Stair and so forth!
The children have also shown great interest in the world and have enjoyed tracing around the continents and countries!  Moreover, the children have been working well with the sensorial materials - matching colours and shapes; showing great understanding of their chosen activities.
The children have also spent their afternoons exploring the five senses and took an closer look at the sense of taste. They had lots of fun guessing and describing the tastes that are sour, sweet, salty and bitter with our Montessori Tasting Jars! We will continue learning about our senses exploring the sense of hearing and lots of fun activities are in store!

Lastly, the children have really enjoyed the outdoors and really love to play together as a group as well as with children from Elementary 1!
Hope you all have a lovely weekend!
Ms. Sharon 
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