A few words from the Junior School Head Teacher Miss Sylvia:


"It is lovely to see how all children have settled in so well and are enjoying their time at the Junior school.


Over the past six weeks I have been enjoying my many visits to the reception class sometimes on my own and sometimes with children from Elem.1.


It has been a pleasure getting to know all the new children and seeing how much they have blossomed in their new environment. They are busy working, exploring their learning environment and keen on learning many new things. I love to see how many of the new children are starting to be more and more independent.

Whenever I visit Reception I have at least a couple of them telling me full excitement about what they are working with at the moment or what they have just learnt.

I observed children working with the Montessori Fractions, the Sandpaper Letters, the Golden Bead Material looking at quantities of a unit, a ten, a hundred and a thousand and Montessori’s Large Number Cards.


I could also see a lot of culture work taking place, looking at and learning about animals and their habitats. I loved seeing all their creativity taking place at the art table during the morning work cycle and in the afternoon as part of this term's project about animals and habitats.


Please see below all the photos.... a picture (many pictures) can say more than a thousand words.   I look forward to many more visits!"


Miss Sylvia



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