Hello everyone!  
The children are very happy to be back and have quickly settled in after the long break! We have had a very productive couple of weeks - Reception class joined the Peter Pan confidence building workshop, dissected a fish with E1, explored the parts of a plant as well as the parts of the human body and attended the Shakespeare Assembly in E2. 
This term the children will have lots of fun learning about the senses and this week we are going to look at measurement - how to measure objects in the environment, distinguish between long and short and measuring each others heights! We have also spent our afternoons and mornings revising previous topics and expanding on what the children already know about the senses, growth and the human life cycle. 
The children so far have shown very good level of understanding of the human skeleton and its purpose - along with the importance of our skin, muscles, blood, nervous system and organs. They have also had lots of fun exploring activities in the environment that relate to our topic on 'growth and the senses' and they especially enjoyed making 'blood' art where they sprayed red paint through a straw! The children are ready for an exciting term ahead!
Miss Sharon and Miss Sara
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