Dear Parents,
Reception children went on a lovely adventure to the Kew Gardens!
Our host for the day, Mr. Paul, showed us around the garden - inviting all the children to explore the different types of seeds that grow into the most beautiful trees and flowers. The children had lots of fun reaching out towards each other as they stretched their arms out around a gigantic oak tree! We also walked into an an enchanted territory where we discovered that a mother tree gave birth to many children trees! We then walked through a Rose Garden and enjoyed the beautiful view. 
After a peaceful lunch, our next mission was to visit the HIVE. A lovely woman introduced us to the importance of bees and the process of pollination and invited the share their knowledge too! We then walked our way up into the hive where the children were exposed to what it feels like to be a bee! Then lastly, we walked up to the Palm House and explored all the tropical trees and fruits that the children have been introduced to in school.
It was a very successful trip and luckily we were blessed with good weather!
Miss Sharon and Miss Sara
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