Dear Parents, 

Elementary one and Reception class had a wonderful time at the London Aquarium last Thursday 10th of March.

The children were extremely excited to see and learn about all of the various fishes and sea creatures that live in water. 

We had a lovely workshop, which gave the children the opportunity to dress up as penguins, sea horses and learn about what they need to adapt and survive in their environment. This workshop provided the children with fun activities to further expand and develop their understanding of oceans, animals and plants that live there.

The children were full of enthusiasm, as they got to touch starfish and visit the stingrays! 

This trip was linked to our term project about habitats, both Elementary one and Reception have been learning about the five oceans, the names of them, which they are and the animals that we can find in the oceans. 

The children learnt that the Pacific Ocean is the largest, they explored the different zones of the oceans. Many were excited to learn that sharks live in the sunlight zone. 

We have made artwork linked to oceans and had many groups to expand on the children's knowledge! 

We hope you enjoy some of the pictures from the trip and have a lovely weekend.

Kind regards,

Miss Gabriella, Miss Sylvia and Miss Sharon

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