Elementary 1 and Reception Class were joined by Julie (mum of Nathan and Dylan) to explore and learn about animals and their habitats.

They had a presentation about different habitats and insects or mini-beasts that might live there. We talked about what animals we might find on our hunt in the school garden.

The children were shown how to use a magnifying glass, binoculars and tick lists! They were excited to get out into the garden to explore.

The children were divided into small groups and worked as a team to spot animals and signs or traces of animal life in the garden.
They were enthusiastic to look and we could often hear "look we found a spider" or "there's a ladybird".

After a while of hunting and searching through our garden, the children got the opportunity to share what they saw and where they found different animals and mini-beasts.

The morning was successful as it got the children thinking about habitats and what they could do to attract different animals such as birds! It led to class discussions and more research.

You could tell they had fun!

A very big thank you to Julie for coming in on two mornings to make this exciting for the children!

Miss Gabriella, Miss Sharon and Miss Girlie


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