Dear Parents!

The children of Reception class and E1 had a wonderful trip to St. John's Wood synagogue. They were warmly welcomed by Mrs. Brown who hosted us for the day and introduced the children to the history and traditions of the Jewish people. We discussed Sabbath night, the Torah and how men and women were divided from upstairs to down stairs in the temple.

The children listened attentively and took turns asking questions. They then took turns in holding the golden crown of one of the Jewish scrolls - and were truly amazed when they saw a whole set of them magically placed behind a blue and golden curtain! They were also invited to climb on the bima - taking a good look at the beautiful setting of the synagogue.

The children really enjoyed themselves and were given lovely biscuits and juice cartons on their way back!

Looking forward to our next adventure! 

Ms. Sharon and Ms. Gabriella 

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