The children of Reception class have settled in well to their new lovely classroom. We have started our term project about 'animals and habitats'.

We joined the children in E1 for different groups. We learnt about the beginning of the universe when everything was dark and silent whilst sitting under a big black scarf. As part of another story we used Montessori's black timeline to see how over billions of years life evolved on planet Earth.

Miss Sylvia showed the children the shapes of the different galaxies of our Universe using coloured  sand. Some galaxies have an oval or spiral shape and some galaxies have the shape of the letter 'S'.

Throughout last week and this week we have looked at differences between fish,birds, amphibians, reptiles and mammals who all have one thing in common - they have a backbone and therefore vertebrates.


The children and I have been traveling around the world!

We each had our own colour-coded tickets which we used to travel to Asia, Africa, Australasia then back home to Europe!! This was a great opportunity for the children to learn the names and location of our seven continents. We also used the Montessori puzzle map of the world. Then we explored our own habitat - London!

We had fun painting flags of the United Kingdom and discussing its geographical features. It has been a very enjoyable adventurous  week so far and we are looking forward to learning many more things about other habitats in the next few weeks  such as the rainforest, ocean and the dessert.


Miss Sharon & Miss Sara


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