The lovely children of Reception Class have settled in well over the first few weeks of term, meeting new faces and making new friends! These past few weeks, the children have spent the afternoons and mornings participating in very exciting groups - exploring the different parts of a plant and the changes that occur throughout its life cycle. The children have also learnt about the different types of invertebrates, and have had great fun making beautiful jellyfish!


We also looked into the process of pollination and how it spreads across the land as well as the importance of bees, birds, and wind throughout this process. We did a really fun science experiment involving two flowers and food colouring; supporting the child's understanding of the functions of the roots!

The children always enjoy any art activities and we are looking forward to learning about Vincent Van Gogh's art work.

The children have also had a great time in Mr. Dean's music session and Ms. Michaela's dance class - following choreography and singing along to the music!

They have also had some quiet time to themselves, exploring individual activities in areas such as math, sensorial, language and culture as part of their morning work cycle.

We are looking forward to the next few weeks and more learning!


Miss Sharon + Miss Girlie





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