Dear Parents,

We would like to announce a really exciting development taking place here at Rainbow Montessori School.


At the school, we are repeatedly asked important questions by parents and prospective parents about the Montessori Method.
Questions such as:
How does Montessori work?
What are the fundamental principles of Montessori?
How does it differ from ’traditional’ education methods?

We have always endeavoured to answer these and many other questions at our Parents Evenings, one-to-one and via our website. However, this only goes so far. Nothing can compete with actually seeing how Montessori works in practice and a clear explanation of its underlying principles.


Therefore Rainbow Montessori School will be taking a step into the video age and have commissioned a series of YouTube videos!

These videos will take the opportunity to present the key areas that are unique to Montessori and in particular how they apply to the education of all the children at Rainbow. 



To kick off the video series, we are going to film some sequences throughout the Junior School and the West Hampstead Nursery on the 8th July 2015 which will demonstrate various aspects of the Montessori Method in action.

Sequences are likely to show: our materials being used by the children, social interaction between the children and teachers and between the children themselves (a key component to Montessori!) and the layout and use of the classrooms in general.

If you would prefer not to have your child included in any of these sequences, please let the office know by email and we will ensure they are not included. 




From what we can see, no other UK Montessori institution has taken on this role to explain the Montessori Method to a wider audience and Rainbow Montessori School is very happy to be at the vanguard of this new exciting venture!

Ultimately we hope to produce further videos which will explain more of the day-to-day teachings of Montessori in our settings. And you will be able to view them at a click of a mouse!


As soon as we have the first videos ready we will, of course, let you all know!


Mr John


Rainbow Montessori School




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