Junior School Science Week & Science Presentation

All the children had an amazing week trying out many different Science experiments and learning about different Science topics. They loved getting hands on with the experiments and the children from Preparatory put together their own experiments after researching them.

It was a real pleasure to have many parents of the Junior School come and visit at the end of this week and the children were very proud to share all their new gained knowledge with you!

The children showcased experiments linked to static electricity, electrical circuits, and magnetism and of course the famous volcano experiment which is always a hit with all age groups. Miss Hiroe demonstrated how to dissect a fish and the children were fascinated to look at its inner organs.

Primary and Preparatory had an amazing session with Luca's mum who showcased a cows brain and explained the function of a brain and just how brilliant an organ it is! Some of the comments from the children after this session were; "Brilliant!", "Best lesson ever!", "Amazing!". A very big thank you to Luca's mum and we are hoping she will be back for further, fascinating lessons with the children.

Our Science Week was a great success and we will be continuing with lots more experiments in the Summer Term!

Miss Sylvia


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