Thursday, 21st March - Technology with Mr John!

Mr. John presented some 'toys' to the children: a remote controlled helicopter, two remote controlled cars and even a couple of hover domes that automatically keep themselves above any object they come across.

He then asked some interesting questions:

"What is the difference between these toys and the computers you and your parents use?  Are they the same?"

"How do the hover domes know where the surface is below them in order to hover automatically?"

"What is more similar? The cars and helicopter, or the hover domes and the cars?"

All of which led to a really interesting discussion about the architecture of any microprocessor system vs. a computer system.

And finally: "If microprocessors and computers are almost the same, what is the essential difference between them?"

Hint: if you don't know the answer - ask your children!

Mr John


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The last day of the Spring Term!

Friday, 22nd March was our last day of term and many children dressed up so imaginatively. I am hoping that all children had an exciting, Spring Term and I would like to wish all children and their families a wonderful & restful Easter holidays.

If you do travel to another country it would be lovely to send the school a postcard so that when we return for the Summer Term, we can locate your travels on our map of the world.

From all the teachers at the Junior School - HAPPY EASTER!

Miss Sylvia

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