Valentine excitement was all around Rainbow before the half term!


The children of Elementary 2 put on a lovely performance for the children of the other classes about Saint Valentine, his life and why he is, for many people, a special person. In an assembly after the performance, we spoke about the meaning of that day and the children had the opportunity to ask questions.

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Throughout the school day many children made special cards for parents and friends!


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Our two older classes, Primary and Preparatory had their Valentine's Disco which of course included lots of dancing and playing games in the classroom. It was truly a real, fun party!

Elementary 1 and 2 had their Valentine's Disco together with the children from our three nurseries in St James Hall – Sherriff Road. The children enjoyed lots of dancing, fun and many yummy snacks in between.

A big thank you to all the parents from all schools for the delicious food you contributed to these events. Together you helped make this year’s Valentine’s Disco extremely successful.


And the end of the day there were many tired but very happy faces!


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