Dear Parents!
I hope you all had a lovely, relaxing summer and are looking forward to an exciting Autumn term!


This is just a quick reminder that we are starting school on Tuesday, 10th September. Arriving time as usual between 8.45 and 9.00 am.


If you are interested for your child to take part in one of our extra lessons (or a few of them) which all take place during school hours then please e-mail or call the office.    Please see below a reminder of the extra lessons we offer as well as the prices for them. You will also be able to read below some extra information from our Woodwind instrument teacher Miss Rachel to inform you about the different instruments she offers at our school and the different appropriate ages to start one of them.


We must know which extra lessons are being take by next week. Please remember that if at any point you decide to withdraw your child from one of these extra lesson you have to give a written half term notice to the office. Thank you!

Every term we offer afternoon clubs for the children for after pick-up time which usually ends at 5.00 pm. These afternoon clubs will all start in the second week of term and sign up sheets will be available in the first week of term for you to sign up your child. Further information about them will follow soon. If you have any further questions please feel free to contact the office.

I am looking forward to hearing all about the children's exciting stories about their holidays & adventures!

Kind regards,


Miss Sylvia
Head Teacher Junior School


Extra Lessons
  • £103.00  French-twice a week
  • £130.00  Spanish-twice a week
  • £173.00  Piano-once a week
  • £87.00  Guitar once a week 15min
  • £173.00  Guitar once a week 30min
  • £87.00  Recorder once a week in a group
  • £173.00  Recorder once a week private
  • £173.00 Clarinet once a week
  • £173.00 Flute once a week
  • £173.00 Saxophone once a week


Woodwind Lessons – Rainbow Montessori School

Lessons on the following woodwind instruments are offered at Rainbow:

·         Clarinet

·         Flute

·         Saxophone

·         Recorder


The age at which these instruments can be started varies, some information is provided below:


Children can begin to learn the clarinet as soon as they have their adult front teeth, and are ideally aged 6 or older. For younger students, specially adapted lightweight clarinets are also available. A basic student model clarinet can be bought from around £100.



Children can generally begin to learn the flute aged 7, although it varies depending on the height/size of the child. If a child wishes to learn the flute, but isn’t big enough, the fife is an excellent alternative to begin with, and everything is directly transferrable to the flute later on. A basic student model flute can be bought from around £100.



Children can generally begin to learn the saxophone from aged 8 onwards, although again it is dependent on the size of the child. They must also have their adult front teeth. A basic student model saxophone can be bought from around £250, or rented for around £60 per 3 months.



Recorder is an excellent starter instrument for any student wishing to continue to play a bigger woodwind instrument later on, such as: Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, Oboe, or Bassoon. Children can learn the recorder from aged 5, and an instrument can be bought for £7.

For each instrument, a tutor book will also need to be purchased. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me.


Rachel Davis


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