Westminster Abbey

On Thursday 27th of November, some of the children in Preparatory and Primary attended a very engaging workshop at Westminster Abbey. The objective of the trip was to consolidate our learning of Remembrance Day.

We were greeted at the Abbey by an actor who played the role of a soldier during World War One. He informed us of the impact the war had on Westminster Abbey, such as the grave of the unknown soldier and poets whose names were engraved in a specific corner of the chapel due to the words they had written during the war.

After we took the time to take in the architecture and historical significance of Westminster Abbey we returned to a Poetry workshop. Here the children saw a diary, which was kept by a soldier during the war. We also discussed how the senses can be used to help us write about experiences.

The children really took with them what they had learned throughout the workshop to help them write poems from the perspective of a soldier at war, really showing empathy for these people.

It was a very inspirational and engaging trip!


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