Elementary 1 had a very busy September.
The children enjoyed using the Montessori Black Timeline and learning about how life evolved on Planet Earth. After using the timeline together with Miss Sylvia in the afternoon project, the children liked rolling out the timeline independently and placing the pictures and objects of animals and plants along the timeline.
A lot of cultural work took place as part of the afternoon project as well as during the morning work cycle. The children have started to work with the Montessori Puzzle map of Europe learning the names of different countries as well as the four parts of the United Kingdom. The children were introduced to the names of the oceans and the continents and worked with different globes. The children loved learning about the sun and the planets of our solar system. Trying out the volcano science experiment was a real hit. 
Many of the new children have started to work on addition using concrete Montessori maths materials such as the Montessori Short Bead Stairs and the Small Number Rods and they have started to work on the phonetic sounds of letters and the correct formation of these letters when writing them. The older children continued working with more advanced Montessori materials for all different learning areas. All children learned about nouns and searched for nouns in our garden making their own drawings of them in their language book' The children who have started to read in previous terms worked with more advanced materials linked to nouns as well as matching lower case letters to their corresponding capital letter. They will continue working on this during October.
In October we are going to start our "journey through Asia" learning about habitats in Asia such as the Gobi desert and the rain forest, studying different animals and plants typical for Asia and we will celebrate World Habitat Day. We are looking forward to another few very busy weeks!
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