Dear Parents,

Our wonderful recorder teacher, Miss Rachel, gave a lovely presentation to each class showing off the different Woodwind instruments she can teach at Rainbow.

  • Recorder   5 years and upwards
  • Clarinet     7 years of age and upwards
  • Flute          8 years of age and upwards
  • Saxophone 9 years of age and upwards


If you are interested for your child to learn a woodwind instrument you need to inform the office as soon as possible!


20130307_091701 20130307_093048 20130307_093224 photo


Remember we also offer the following extra lessons:

  • £168.00           Piano
  • £100.00           French             (Twice weekly)
  • £126.00           Spanish            (Twice weekly)
  • £84.00             Guitar              (15 mins)
  • £168.00           Guitar              (30 mins)
  • £84.00             Recorder         (Group)
  • £168.00           Recorder         (Private)


If you would like to START, STOP or CONFIRM extra lessons for your child please inform the office asap!

Half a terms written notice is required to stop an extra lesson.

Thank you!

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