On Thursday 6th March 2014 the Junior School celebrated World Book Day!
Elementary 1
On World Book Day, the children from E1 were invited to bring in their favourite book. We had a circle time where we talked about where paper comes from and how we need to respect our own books and those of the school. Through role play, we learnt how to carefully turn pages, put books back and look after them.
We read 'Matilda' and re-enacted the story which the children really enjoyed! Later on we set up our own 'library' in the classroom, where children were able to choose a book, other than their own, to read. Whilst they shared a snack, they were able to discuss with one another their chosen book and record the book they read on a special library sheet.  They particularly enjoyed returning their book back to 'library' and stamping their sheet!
Miss Sylvia and Miss Izzy
Elementary 2
For World Book Day, the children brought in their favourite books and shared them with each other.
A lady called Danni from West End Lane Book Shop came to read a story to the class. It was a lot of fun and we enjoyed having a story read to us!
Miss Naveed




The children in Primary proved themselves to be wonderful peer teachers on World Book Day this year. On Thursday the 6th of February we visited West Hampstead Nursery and read to the children there. For that hour vertical age grouping was experienced at another level. Then Primary children were very quiet and respectful while entering the nursery environment as they understood how young the other children were and how they were having a busy work cycle. When reading to the children the Primary children showed wonderful skills in reading such as expression and intonation to engage their younger listeners.

Well done Primary for making it an enjoyable morning with the nursery children.

Miss Marie

World Book Day 2014



Wow! Books, books everywhere! Reading was in the air throughout the whole school during World Book Day!

Excitement built as Primary joined Preparatory in their classroom and many children sat clutching their favourite books in anticipation of a reading from West End Lane Books our special visitors especially invited in for the day. The children sat with baited breath hanging on every word.

A truly marvellous reading was rounded off by a quick Q&A and then the children compared their books.

Mr Terence





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World Book Day 2014

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