World Environment Day 2013

This year all four classes celebrated World Environment Day.

Each class focused on a different aspect of conservation. The whole school participated in an assembly. Each class shared some of their new-found-facts of why it is important to look after our environment.

Great little plays were performed, fantastic posters designed and excellent talks were given by the children. What an inspirational assembly!







Elementary 1 focused on the importance of recycling. We looked at the contents of the recycling bins. They contained paper, plastic, milk bottles and cardboard.  The children sorted the waste from the classroom and placed them in the corresponding bin. They children performed a play to the school about the importance of tidying up rubbish after a picnic.


Elementary 2 discussed the importance of the rainforest; including the following facts:

  • Oxygen is produced by the trees and is vital for life. When trees are destroyed, we lose Oxygen on Earth.
  • The medicinal properties of herb and plants.
  • 50% of the world’s animals dwell in the rainforests of the world. Shrinking rainforests would endanger animals and many could become extinct.



We have presented a huge poster focusing on the % of resources used to produce food, such as, 70% of the earths clean water is used for food production. We also looked at the food production cycle and the debating the fact that one third of all food produced is thrown away.



Preparatory have looked at the effects of Global Warming on the oceans, the ice caps and how transportation effects migration, crop production and the innovation of science to help humans adapt to their environment.  





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