World Environment Day 2015









On Friday, 5th June 2015 the Junior School celebrated World Environment Day.

Each class worked on a topic that they then presented to the rest of the school in an assembly at the end of the day.


Elementary 1:Children were introduced to resources and energies like electricity, waterpower and air power.

The children enjoyed trying out an experiment by pumping air inside a balloon, which was connected to a toy car and as the children unplugged the air pump, the car started to move. Elementary 1 also learnt about the importance of reusing and recycling different materials such as paper and cardboard. They created their own distinctive artwork by reusing and junk modelling cardboard boxes.





Elementary 2:The theme for World Environment Day for E22 was Seven Billion Dreams. One Planet. Consume with care. The children made a banner together and they presented it to the rest of the school. They learnt about how we all can make a difference in our everyday lives to keep our planet happy and presented a lovely poem related to this topic.


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Primary: The children in Primary recited a poem called Our Cosmos about the world and how to care for it. They also discussed renewable resources and green energy. They shared their thoughts with the rest of the school during the assembly.



20150605_145600 20150605_145742




Preparatory: This year each child in Preparatory made their contribution by discussing how they can make a difference to their community. It was a real pleasure to listen to each Preparatory child’s presentation. Some of the topics and thoughts they shared with the rest of the school included renewable energy, recycling, less planes and more trains, less cars and more walking etc.




20150605_145920 20150605_150218





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Well done to all our Junior School children who managed to inspire each other on such an important topic and day of the year!




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